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About the owner

Jessica Patterson

  • Licensed Aesthetician

  • Licensed Tattoo & Piercing Technician  

  • Certified PMU Artist

  • Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist

  • Certified Fibroblast Technician

  • Certified Lash Artist

  • Certified Chemical Peel Specialist

  • Certified Lash & Brow Lamination Specialist

  • Certified Dermaplaining Specialist

What is my favorite thing about my career?

The look on my client's faces when their service is complete. When they are smiling and can't stop looking at themselves in the mirror. It's a great feeling of accomplishment for me. Also, when the service begins and suddenly, I can see the change in their breathing, watch the stress melt away and the next thing I know they are asleep. That is seriously one of the greatest compliments in my book. Just being able to make a difference in someone's day.

What is the one thing that can instantly make my day better? 

I have two, my children and my grand babies.

What is my greatest life lesson? 

Losing my 22-year-old son, Austin. I learned to never take anyone for granted. To observe softly what each person is going through in life and respect their path. To forgive quickly, to love fully and to be true to myself. I learned to allow myself the space to feel... whatever it may be. To allow others that space as well. I learned not to overlook another person's struggle because it's hard to look at or deal with... because it can happen to you. 

What’s the last thing I read?

I love to read, but I never have the time. However, I rarely ever listen to the radio when I am in the car. I am always listening to a book on Audible and the current one is, You're Soul's Gift by Robert Schwartz. 

Where is the next place I'd like to travel to and why?

That's tough and easy at the same time because my husband and I have traveled a lot. We even lived in the Virgin Islands for a while. I love the beach, clear turquoise waters and white sands are my favorite, so I'd say anywhere in the Caribbean. 

What’s your favorite…


P.S. I Love You


Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Chili Colorado from my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Do I have a life motto?

Nope. Just living it and doing my best each day. 

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