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How It Works

As we age increased levels of Dihydrotestoterone (DHT) can effectively put the dermal papilla/hair
follicles into a telogen, “sleeping” phase. If hair remains in a telogen phase long enough the follicle
cannot be reactivated and balding occurs. Procell Therapies Hair Regrowth Serum (HRS) disrupts
the occupation of receptors on the dermal papilla prone to DHT contamination, re-awakening
dormant follicles to grow hair once again. Treatment works best on younger patients who have just
begun balding, but impressive results have been seen even in older patients.
Additionally, thinning hair may be caused by a scalp damaged by a dry climate, nutrition, stress,
certain drugs, chlorine, and/or environmental exposure. Over many years, the skin of the scalp
produces less growth factors and becomes less efficient at repairing damage. Because of this, the
condition of the scalp can eventually deteriorate to the point where it hardens (fibrosis) or hair
follicles become miniaturized. In the case of fibrosis, hair is unable to grow through the hardened
scalp. Miniaturization renders the hair follicles unable to perform their normal growth cycle. Both
conditions can lead to a cessation of hair production and the death of hair follicles.
Stem cells lining the hair follicles are crucial for production of hair, and the GF-technology
ingredients in this concentrated serum are selected to provide support to these stem cells, so hair
can re-grow. HRS improves the overall condition of the scalp, rejuvenating damaged hair follicles
and increasing circulation of nutrients for healthy hair. The serum’s action is enhanced by
protective flower extracts, which help maintain cellular health and lustrous hair.
HRS incorporates recent advances in hair follicle science. Specialized techniques influence bone
marrow mesenchymal stem cell cultures to produce conditioned media focused on hair growth
(Wnt-1a pathway) while twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, each with proven
efficacy in hair follicle stimulation, are added to make this the most scientifically advanced product
of its type.
Deionized Water, Wnt-1a Pathway Stem CytokinesTM (proprietary admixture of human bone

marrow stem cell derived growth factors and cytokines), Hyaluronic Acid, IGF-1 (sh-Oliogo-
peptide-2), IGF-2 (sh-Polypeptide-31), aFGF (sh-Polypep- tide- 11), bFGF (sh-Polypeptide-1), KGF

(sh-Polypeptide-3), KGF-2 (sh-Polypeptide-10), SCF (sh-Polypeptide-4), CSF-1 (sh-Polypeptide-73),

PDGF-A (sh-Poly- peptide-8), EPO (sh-Polypeptide-72), Noggin (sh-Polypeptide-13), CG-VEGF (sh-
Polypeptide-9), C3PiPa, Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol as preservative.

Hair Regrowth Pricing 

$400.00 Per Tx 

1st two weekly Tx = $800.00 (treatment 1 & 2) 

2nd two weekly Tx = 20% discount - $640.00 (treatment 3 & 4) 

3rd two weekly Tx = 30% discount - $560.00 (treatment 5 & 6) 

4th two weekly Tx = 40% discount - $480.00 (treatment 7 & 8) 

5th two weekly Tx = 60% discount - $320.00 (treatment 9 & 10) 

A typical 10-week course is priced at $2,800.00 

The patient’s hair regrowth is assessed every 2 weeks. The treatment series may be halted if no further hair regrowth is observed, or continued at the 50% discount level until no further hair regrowth is observed

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